Saturday, November 12, 2016

Joel Cohen and Dostoyevsky ask for empathy

I don't think this envelope from The sticker dude could have been sent post election, but it's hard for the election not to colour everything I see and feel and hear. What I notice first is the little Dostoyevsky sticker… 'as a general rule, people, even the wicked, are much more naive and simple-hearted than we suppose. and we ourselves are too.'

So I told everyone I could that THERE WAS NO WAY  Donald Trump would be elected. So as I watched the election, I did notice how glib the newscasters were and I felt a tiny twinge of, this feels a little like Brexit night, and wondered if they might be a lttile sorry about their confidence in the Americans 'doing the right thing', the only reasonable thing. I guess I am naive, the newscasters were naive, so many of us just didn't sense the way things were going. Maybe Joel was sending me a gentle reminder not to count my chickens…

The frog watching the fly on the TV makes me remember when Reagan won and my confused awe that that had happened. How can this happen twice in my lifetime? No, this is much worse.

There is no doubt which way Joel wanted things to go… I will watch with baited breath to see what the hoisting looks like, because, for sure it must be coming to the president elect.

My sister is having trouble sleeping. Our daughter went to a beautiful place somewhere in Scotland to look at the view, climb a snow-capped maountain in order to escape from this post-truth life. I can't bear to hear his voice and shout at the radio when he speaks. But Joel reminds me of a few things in this mailing: 1. come uppance comes; 2. humour is the best way to get mad; 3. I don't know everything but I do believe that not everything people say is true  and I can't change the way other people feel and think, unfortunately. 

I am deciding to enjoy Obama's last month or so and am hoping the hoisting happens before the swearing in.

Below are some of the contents from another halloween/clippings/Dylan mailing.  

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