Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clocks back and I'm catching up! More from The Sticker Dude

 Apologies for a title that only means something to me! It's Sunday night and rather than blogging, I should be getting ready for my life drawing group.  I rush off first thing on a Monday morning to a group that has been together for 25 years.  I have been going since I moved to England, in 2000. So, thomas Kerr's words hold lots of significance for me. Sticker Dude and I are in synch and nearly in time.
 As for this election, we are all on tenterhooks and there better not be any surprises.  My 80+ year old mum was telling me that she wore her nasty women vote badge and got treated badly by someone in her hometown of Orlando.  It's good to be alive to witness this event, but the whole thing makes me nervous.

Love all the postage stamps, Vittore Baroni's collab and all of the wonderful stamps that adorn the envelope! Now off to mail a few more America Agast stickers...

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