Saturday, November 5, 2016

Spellbound by Jude's (not so) little ZINE

It must be so disappointing when you mail a big fat zine in good time from the west coast of California to a little island in the North Sea and the recipient doesn't open it on time, because she refuses to try to make sense of what she gets until she has some time. 

I am not a really keen scanner, but I am diligent, so upon opening Jude's magical spellbinding zine, I set about to reproduce it for you all to see. Now that that's done, I have looked with some care at its contents and am overwhelmed by the wizardry of it all!  There is so much to cackle at and sing to! Rather than hold your hand through the labyrinth of the fun house, I'll let you all sing your way down the hallowed halls! Thank  you, Jude and so, so sorry for missing the debut on Halloween!

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