Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Herman conjures sunny days and patiently waits

Herman's strong whimsy is a delight! He and I share the love of contortionist bodies made with a line or two. I have had Herman's mail art sitting by my computer for weeks.  It arrived when I was in Maine and I vowed that I wasn't going to get sucked into opening and blogging my small pile of mail art in a short space of time.  I have had a few shows to make work for and it feels important not to let mail art ever feel like a burden.  It is a joy and an exchange, but I regret when I can't manage to acknowledge work in good time, so sorry Herman.  You are a loved and faithful correspondent.

Earlier in the day, before opening this, (I have got into the habit of opening and blogging in the hour + between dinner and  my frivalous hour of the day, when we watch an episode of a box set) I made a few pieces of mail art! One ended up being for Herman, but on receiving this, it feels woefully inadequate. Hey ho.  I trust he understands.  I know he understands!  Inside this mailing Herman wrote me at letter! In it, one of the things he told me was how busy he is too. What a treat when a mail art correspondence is both bewitchingly, haptically beautiful, poignantly funny and communicates as well!

The bespoke CD-sized envelope is the container for the drawing above and fitted into the envelope below.
Sweet that Herman has named Grace Kelly look-alike Rebecca! I used to wear lipstick like that, but even with silver hair will always be a brunette!

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