Thursday, November 17, 2016

Peop shuf a like bum ano cru - Halloween colours from Finland

I like to think of Carina under the big moon at about 2 in the afternoon gamboling with the horses in Finland, but most likely she is in her studio beavering away. She must be for me to receive such a stuffed package (about a week ago).

Inside this priority post is a present, FOR ME.  aimlessly tied with a red-orange bow of string. Inside the tissue paper is Peop shuf a like bum ano cru a wonderfully haptic black and grey and about every other monochrome colour one can make. It's a picture book with a few guiding words.

…but more of that later!

Not sure if Carina has been drinking the kool aid but apparently she is driving to invisibility with DKult. Whatever, it is a very cool collage, reverse tape transfer, or something. It is the front of a card with a secret message for me inside.  Also in  the package are some vintage comics. I presume they are for me to use, alter, send back?

So now it's time for the inside of Peop shuf a like bum ano cru which it turns our is not a cut-up, but an obscured bit of sensible writing.  Primed, I open onto a dystopian world. Although perhaps it is just other-worldly?

I can't express enough how beautiful this boekie is to hold.  It reminds me of the roadrunner and a time when we watched black and white tv.  It is definately a pre-internet world where sounds, forms and visions are born on a page and live thereafter. Does Carina have names for these amazing creatures and where is this world of scratchy clouds, watery landscape and shadows that become creatures?

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