Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The sound of a thumbed book (and more)

Patrick has a coat and in the pockets are things from many years of our shared lives, objects with memories and meaning that another might not grasp.  The Lim and Its, Again is like this. 
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The sound of the words 'The Lim and Its, again,' is familiar; and as I jangle them in my mouth I think, this thumbed book must be a classic that we've forgotten.

Marie has translated the words so that there is an echo.  I read things twice and hear a refrain.

The story begins in the middle and is full of action:  'an enormous yawn', 'a flashed smile'.  Peter had 'the answer' and there are 'socks at', and a favourite word,  'soortathing'. And then perhaps it doesn't matter what happens.  It's THE SOUND and the words on the page and the sense that I've been here before and remember faintly from another time.

Marie closes the book with the 'Epigue', of course, circling back to remind me that it is,'a lesson in phy,' 'phy' which inevitably makes me feel inadequate, having responded initially to the sound, the feel and the story, forgetting the science. 
And if that weren't enough, and it really was enough and more, Marie has enclosed other things I've loved from the MinXus Lynxus blog:  I am absolutely delighted to have these treasures in my collection!

And finally the packaging, the envelope, from a distant place Marie's writing and the unfamiliar, yet familiar japanese address and the brush strokes, asemic heaven.

I encourage you all to visit Marie's blog at:

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  1. Thank you Rebecca! Such a wonderful blog, I can't thank you enough. And I love the background you are using for the photos, gorgeous!!