Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marvelous mail art from Lithuania!

This piece is absolutely enchanting.  It is so different, and so unexpected and as I see it here, scanned, I think  perhaps I should have photographed it differently to create a context, but then it would be my context and I have the sense that this piece comes from a place I don't yet understand.

Vaida's envelope, with it's chiselled envelope flap, felt both utilitarian and beautiful at once.  The silver leaf, an oak - modern and old simultaneously, the simple silver dot on the front, both minimalist and organic.

Inside (perhaps because the news here is all Richard the 3rd) reminds me of the Tudors, certainly medeival.  I travel to Siena in my mind with the checkerboard, the faces and the string. 

This piece took a lot of time and I am delighted to be the recipient. I have never had mail from Lithuania before.  I believe my father's family came from Lithuania, so it's quite exciting! 

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