Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Asemic Poem from Marie

Now this is haptic, haptic grafitti, torn to reveal the green detail of a map, on a book that's like a building that tells a story that touches me, makes me want to go there to watch.  But there might be something voyeuristic and that makes me cautious, so I'll stand in the shadow and wait to see what happens.  
Sapois, the first word that I see.  It feels like Italian, but of course it's French.  Sapois, un petit village français, situé dans le département des Vosges et la région de Lorraine. Ses habitants sont appelés les Sapoisiens et les Sapoisiennes. But I think 'sapere,' to know, be aware of, to learn, hear. I can almost hear the sounds on the street where this book lives.  Stunning!

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  1. Rebecca! I'm back from hopping and checking the latest news on your blog, much to see. Wow , thank you for the great blog. Again! I love that you googled the place name :-) Thank you my dear...