Friday, February 1, 2013

Almost (Nearly) black and white mail art day

Received this scene that takes me back to Bussum or Soestdijk, or Laren or Baarn from Suus. We used to go to the train tracks and wait for the train.  Our son (who was not yet 1 would feed the ducks, go to the kinderborderie and learned 'car', 'train' and 'duck' as his first words. Love the memories.  Love the card. I'm with Suus.  always draw on the train! We used to read aloud lots of books but we also looked out the window plenty and this is Holland all over! (Sorry if I spelled any Dutch words incorrectly...)

Dean's card is nearly black and white, except for his logo and the gold thread that makes a snowflake pattern at the window.  Oh the snow. It turned our world white for a whole week and I LOVED IT.  I know Dean has been in the snow, skiing for his birthday.  Is he nearly middle age?  Nearly and adult.  Nearly a professional skier? Are we nearly there yet?
what I also notice about Dean's work is that scale. This was nearly too big to fit on my scanner.

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  1. Dean wasn't able to leave a comment... this is what he told me: Hi Rebecca,

    I started with the idea that I would do something symmetrical. I never do anything symmetrical, but I thought to give it a shot. In the beginning it all started out as planned, but then I came to the last piece in the lower right hand corner.

    The other corners have convert lines facing in. I tried to do the same thing with the last piece, but just couldn't bring myself around to do it.

    Maybe it's a Dr. Convert & Mr. Line syndrome ? Or just Bananas?