Monday, February 11, 2013

Sobrantes 2012 from Rosa Gravino

Definately Gotij great, beautiful inspiring mailart from Rosa Gravino! A relic of stunning asemic visual poetry. I'm never sure if you open or don't open but I had to see it all, hold it out of the cellophane and I have slipped it back inside again. It is gorgeous and if only I didn't have to spend the next two days with classes of enthusiastic (wonderful) children... if only I could follow up with some experiments that this piece has suggested! THANK YOU! 
PS: Sobrantes means leftovers, I think.

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  1. Rebecca! Thank you so much for Boondoggle! I love the picture, brilliant idea, and I love the words you have chosen too. I sure will come back to see the whole series. Thank you!