Monday, February 11, 2013

Shocking insights from Vizma

A startling revelation from the woman who wrestles snakes...
Surely NOT, Vizma. 'ALL GIRLS  LOVE PRETTY PINK THINGS.  It's a fact.' ? 

I'll have to ask my mother, but if memory serves me correctly my favourite article of clothing when I was the age where PINK was the be-all-and-end-all was a pair of pull on trousers of an oriental rug persuasion.  They may have been intended for upholstery but my mum (who can transform everything on her sewing machine) made me these hippy flairs that I wore to death.  They weren't pink, rather red and gold, blue and green.  No one had them and I LOVED that.

Figgy, on the other hand, wore a tutu and princess jasmine costumes to Macys and Takashimaya, even on the Singapore MRT.  She loved pink, so this is very familiar.  When I buy paint to take into schools I've learned that pink and glitter get snapped up and depleted by girls (and some boys) almost as fast as they syphon it out of the bottle.  So I understand, even if I can't find any of the pastel pink in my wardrobe and avoid the forever friends aisle at all cost.

But then again I DID have a bubblegum pink bedroom once and the most exquisite BRIGHT pink wool floor length coat that I bought at one of those vintage shops on W4th St in the late 70s. I couldn't get enough of that coat.

This made me laugh and work very hard to defy catagorisation and then give in and finally agree with Vizma!  Great fun. Thank you!

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  1. Love this blog--it is a shockingly pink piece of art--so girly it's making me have my period!!!