Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grigori needs a wind that isn't cold

Grigori tells me he is going to California and from this photo I get the sense that he is something of a sun worshiper. Oh spring,  oh daffodils!   I wonder where he is going, he might know some of my friends and could say hi for me. He says he needs to feel the sun on his face.  We haven't had much sun here either and it sounds as if the weather in Minneapolis hasn't been any better than the weather in Ringshall. Windy and cold here too.
Grigori seems to think I have heard some lies about him.  The thing is I am way outside the loop and can't always follow the intricacies of complex mail art intrigue, so Grigori has nothing to worry about, I know nothing. I've asked Marie but she's hopping elsewhere.

1 comment:

  1. Hopping my way back to mail art... :-) Oh, I completely understand the need for a wind that isn't cold. Winter is lingering on here too. I can't wait for summer. Especially after spending one week in the Southern hemisphere. So nice to be suddenly propelled to summer time. Like stealing a slice of summer...
    Anyway... I miss Grigori, all I know is that he is out for at least one year. I hope he will change his mind.