Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pirate mailart from Niklas Heed

A spendid envelope arrived from Niklas in Sweden.  His use of collage and pen and ink are enchanting. FRENCH! I see an E stamp... (have you sent him your picture yet?  I need to do that) and the biker stamp.  All just perfect. The postage stamps with their authorative stance, just GREAT. On the back the final piece of Heed humour, ' No content - I drank it all up!' - Thank you, har har.


  1. I am glad You liked my drunkpo-sorrowed letter (the no-content part). Yes it is an original E stamp, the bleu and rouge colored, a real treat that will accompany my future envelopes, the dull swedish doppelganger king won't do for postage within Utopia. Thank You for a great blog. Until later, Niklas.