Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Borderline Grafix' vol IIIVVV Dkult Fanzine

This issue of the Dkult fanzine is teaming with great stuff from the archives. There were also, certainly, some surprises.  For one, I never feature in the Dkult news, when spokesmodels and spokespeople are nominated, my name never comes up. So it was fascinating to see my self in the belly of the bull (I like the illiteration of bull, I know it's a cow…) I am surprised to see De Villo Sloan sending out adds and passes again when he always just complains about non-compliance. 

This issue gives an aspiring trashpoet lots of ideas too.  For example, you can dumpster dive and pull out string and use it in your vispo.

I love having some replica mail art relics too from some of the masters: NBS, Amy Irwin, DVS, do I spy DK, or is that Meeah?

But the essay at the back is this issue's crowning glory!  In fact, it must be an election speech for DKult TX storm to international emperor, or something.  I feel my heart fluttering with patriotic DKult Trashpo zeal!  One thing I'd like to add is that the international trashpo initiative is also spreading trash around the world.  We are like the spanish explorers, bringing regional trash finds  to hungry expatriots and other intrepid pleasure seekers. 

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