Thursday, March 24, 2016

Office of blame: perpetrator and victim J Block

Apologies for not stripping the address barcode from the image... but to be honest it may have been  holding Jay's flimilsy glued masterpiece together.   

I love the simplicity of this mail art and in it I see the topical issue of freedom vs security being referenced. This passport shaped card with its mix of imagery, words and stamps, becomes a identity document, or a police record, confirming our worst nightmare - blame can be apportioned by he who shouts loudest, no matter how spurious the claims are!

The address side of Jay's postcard reminds me of the first postcard he ever sent me. Tha one delighted me and this one does too! Keep sending naked collages, Jay, but beware of light gluing… I wonder how many pieces of Jays work lives in the dead letter centre? Boo Hoo. 

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