Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tied Back For Easter, Carina Granlund

When I think of Louise Bourgeois, I think of stitches and line drawings on white with red.  That's why I put the back of Carina's Easter mail art first.  It evokes Louise Bourgeois, who Carina later mentions. Carina and I both 'sew' our hair back.  The little orange patch (that relates to nothing on the reverse side), is a tangle of hair in my imagination, Carina's, as a girl. Mine is, of course white now, although it is grey and apparently it is still quite very-dark-brown in places at the back. I have a white braid most of the time and that makes me feel whole. 

Figgy took me to a Louise Bourgeois exhibition in Edinburgh last year.  It was very poignant.

an image from an exhibition of LB in Belgium 2007.
To see more visit: http://www.xavierhufkens.com/exhibitions/2007-04-louise-bourgeois

I grew up in a family that mostly celebrated Easter with a bunnies and eggs.  Sometimes we went to a grandmother in Florida and knelt in a church and made palm crosses; in New York it was all about Passover. But then I moved to England and went to a church service on a Good Friday, because I lived in a little village and that was what people did,  I was asked  to hold a nail, to feel the pain and see the blood, I experienced another side of Easter. 

These little minnow stitches dance around in a raucous fashion and make me smile, but I also feel the wholeness that the stitches are determined to create and the red pin pricks of blood.

Huge thanks Carina. Hope my silly stuff arrived in Finland, finally!  PS, yours arrived before Easter.  I just didn't have time to open it, let alone blog it… !

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