Thursday, March 17, 2016

I get the news from Joel's sticker poems

While people like me write down things that I read and overhear, things which are exquisite and need saving, on scraps of paper and post it notes; Joel makes stickers instead, selecting words from people we recognise from the mail art world and beyond, ideas that resonate with him.  Joel also then collaborates with others to illustrate these ideas in glorious ways.  Each envelope from Joel (AKA sticker dude) is a full of pearls of wisdom and images that require careful inspection, both on the outside and the inside of the envelope.

I have quite a collection of the Sticker Dude's stickers and I'm always amazed that he tells me and shows me things that I don't know or have forgotten in a new way that makes meaning more potent.

In this mailing Joel is also doing a bit of research, or community building, or enhancing our community feelings.  He has contstructed a web and filled in his network, or one of his networks and I am included! Joel asks me to add to nother blank web , so beginning again and recording my own network. I suspect when I get to the last name I will be prevaricating about who belongs there.  I know so many wonderful mail artists (in the mail) and each shares something unique.  Joel has also brought together some key quotes from others in the eternal network!  Read carefully and enjoy the imagery and I hope if I send you this add and pass you will take part in Joel's research too.

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