Thursday, February 25, 2016

BG's spear-i-ous advice

BG couldn't have known that the Moss Family girls have a phobia of bulls, cows, ruminants with horns.  I may have spoken of it before but I ran with cows in Kenya, fearlessly, but here in England, cows and bulls are different.  

I'm not surprised that BG has worked all of this out, mail artists are like that, they have an uncanny way of identifying secret traits of other mail artists.   But what a funny thing for BG to have deduced about me! The image makes me feel a little queasy and to be honest I have been avoiding those states where bison roam free, just in case I happened upon one.  I will continue to avoid the wilds of the Northwest Territories...

BG seems to have doodled a bit on the pig, too. Brilliant! He is also being a devout environmentalist, sending me back the same envelope I sent him something in.  Unlike Diane, he did restamp the envelope, though!

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