Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Subscription Opus: Scrap Music - Jude Weirmeir

As ever briliant to get a Subscription Opus from Jude Weirmeir.  Merz music.  I feel synesthetic form. I wonder if this is Jude's take on trashpo.  There are all kinds of views about what constitutes trash and trashpo. It is baffling for me.  I think we all construct our meaning based on experience and whether we are in pursuit of beauty, flux, dada, asemics or other it is all highly subjective, but some people see trashpo in narrow parameters.

In principal I hate being labled but I also like labels. So why don't we begin with whether you think scraps=trash? I know I'm curious about whether Jude sent exactly the same ' scrap music' to everyone. I think if there is a 'run', it probably isn't trash (by my definition) but I love the idea that the pieces of this mail art hail from earlier opuses.

Jude's Opus inspores questions. Think of the doctoral theses that could be written...Does music sound different when it's spinning? Oh yeah, Vinyl is a disc but is that the point?

I start to 'inhale', 'exhale' and listen to the sound of the spider.  Can you clap a violin like you do a guitar? 

Artist in Seine, we need to commission a banana opus.  And what does pale yellow feel like to play?

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