Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lost Boy Racer was nearly lost in the shuffle (Dean Marks)

Sometimes things slip behind the sofa.  Sometimes I slip them into a bag to carry between the house and the studio.  Sometimes they stick to something else and I file them  together but this piece by Dean arrived after I was on my way to Maine (I think) and got swooped up and hung in the Maritime Mail Art exhibition.  In my efficient after-event sorting I discovered this rogue piece that hadn't been blogged! Sorry Dean. 

So tell us, were you standing on the sidelines wreaking havoc like your hysterical woman in the black dress, as the cyclists wound through villages? Were you on a bike? Did you lose your way? 

I once had a rather unfortunate accident on a  bike, racing up a hill, a veritable girl racer proving my strength to the boy I fancied, only to slip off and spocket myself with the teethmarks of a shark. What's your biking story and do you have any scars?

Many thanks Dean. 


  1. Loving the In Seine Art! And the story...I have my own. Foolishly racing through the university commons at top speed I slipped thr sprockets, broke the chain, flew through air for what seemed like minutes before landing chin-first and prone on thr gravelly concrete and then sliding several more feet. I had serious rowd rash from my ankles to to my forehead and the clear black and red imprint of the chain snaking up my right leg to my knee. Yes, you cam still make out the links in the scars 30-some years later. Heheh

  2. We could be twins! I told people (and they believed me) that mine was a shark attack!