Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Raw Trash and an Extravaganze from our leader

I am a sucker for a music score.  This envelope makes me want to dust the cobwebs from my acoustic guitar, 40 year old cobwebs! Did you FIND that or was this a cast off of a DKULT kid? 

I have a few Add and pass pieces that are languishing in my ,'to do box'.  Sorry Dan Moeur, soon… but I will deal with this EXTRAVAGANZA ASAP. Have you sent out various pages so they can be reassembled with local DKULT news, are you interested in a trash count, the chickens, mad cow disease?
 I am pleased that you have issued me with my own custom and immigration pass into the heart of DKULT policy.  Unfortunately I can't get an appointment with the DKULT DYE person to transform me into this personage.  I have an appointment with the eye surgeon tomorrow though.  Will I need to continue to wear glasses?

On the back of Diane's note (above) is a hundred dollar scan (not man, sadly). I belive this is the yearbook page of one of our DKult members? Don't we have Leon Olinger on the roll?

Many thanks Diane. Some stuff on its way to you.

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  1. Love your commentary the dkult a n p was started by eduardo cardoso isnt it cool? The music was found but not in the traditional sense but in a thrift store as is and I made envies out of all of them!