Friday, October 24, 2014

Moan Lisa's poetic faces

Moan (Maria) sent me an invite to a few weeks back.  I tried to join but needed a code.  I got a code but by that time I think Moan had moved on.  Moan moves quickly, dipping her digital paintbrush into topics that others might tiptoe around! The determination and ferocity of this image may be reflexive… On the back of this altered book page the final words are pr Truth is stranger than fiction

These 5 x 7 photos are either digital sandwiches of text like the piece above, printed onto the text.  This is a letter from Simon Warren.  I recognise the handwriting and the motifs. 

These visual poems use text so thoughtfully.  Moan chooses this 'devilish' expression and then uses bold text to remind me, 'the point of disgust with nings of Europe, the Africa, sh devilish ingredients, the sated.' and that face changes, softens and demands justice. 
Thanks Moan.  Lots of thinking here.

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