Thursday, October 9, 2014

Asemic Vispo for Rebecca 9.27.2014 (DeVillo Sloan)

Leave it to De Villo Sloan to send me something that makes ME speechless! 

I learned a long time ago that feeling daunted by something you can't quite pin down is a useless emotion.  You need to re-read it, live with it for a while and it will speak to YOU and your reading of it will be your reading of it and really that's all that counts.  If it moves you it's a success.

So what I like is the rhythm.  It's like a slide on an acoustic guitar.  I see lots of things in it but I'm not conviced that's the point. The colours feel egyptian.  It's full of ellipsis and a determination to be heard. It's a treasure! I'll be re-reading it again and again.

So that was the serious bit.  And this is the Mink Ranch bit. I will never tire of the Mink Ranch. Today when I was walking Lyra I was almost figuring out a reply.  

Although correspondence with the Mink Ranch is sporadic, it is hugely appreciated and worth the wait.  DVS reminds me that once upon a time I was a faithful member of the ML community… it's all just time, and I miss the bunkhouse flicks, but I'll be back and you should too!

Did you notice the DKULT stamp etc?

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