Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Carina Granlund: Road Kill, Call it Magic and Journal Wizard

Carina is in charge of the IUOMA MOBMA judging this month and she's come up with a wacky challenge that appeals to her sense of humour and story - something about cats, animals in general and a shipwreck.  This envelope heralds the new topic, maybe!

Inside the distinctly Carina envelope I find a bit of fluxus story telling.  Is it catwoman, I wonder? Oh no, it's a weary chick.  Well that's not surprising, Carina has a had a solo show at a museum in Helsinki, recently!

It seems like however tiring the experience of putting on a big show might be, Carina has kept her sense of humour about it! Or is she just narrowing in on eyes?  If so, she must have phychic powers, move over Diane!

Carina always tells me not to bother blogging her work.  I think she is keenly aware that every minute we spend blogging is one less minute spent making out riotous messes!  But Carina, how can I resist blogging your stuff and any way, you give me an excuse to stop making my messes)!

The next series of images is an accordion booklet showing Carina's journals.  I know her show included journals.  We exchanged journals!  This is VERY exciting!  I wish I could have been there, Carina! Luckily, my very precious CARINA journal continues to inspire me daily and this booklet lets me pretend I was there gazing at all the others!  

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