Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kurt Whistles from Ernie

Great to receive my first piece from Ernie a few days ago. 270/345, Kurt Whistles / Can you hear it?

Not long ago,  2 years or so ago, probably, I happened upon a show of Kurt's collages on Cork Street, London. The exhibition was a cracker.  It was up at the same time as a bigger show elsewhere in London, that sadly, I missed.  I thought about the exhibit I had seen a lot.  I even bought the book and read it.  

So yes Ernie, I CAN hear it.  It rustles by the edge of the road and reminds me to turn over the piece of trash and imagine it! It is the reason my collage receptacles are spilling over.  It hovers over my hand as I choose the shape and colour that comes next. 

Thanks Ernie for the great stamps and a jam-packed rhythmic piece that speaks to me!

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