Saturday, November 1, 2014

No 1/3 from Ruud Janssen

I was absolutely delighted by this fat envelope from Ruud.  Although I have had a few pieces from Ruud in the past, this piece had all sorts of surprises and felt like correspondence, something thatmakes me feel connected in a special way within the network. Although I am posting this here, you will see that the last piece is clearly for my Ritual Mail Art call!  

I let Ruud know as soon as I could that I'd got THREE envelopes from him.  They didn't all arrive on the same day, rather one after the other.  Stay tuned for more unique mail from Ruud.  

I am working in a primary school next week and have managed to warp the project towards codes and characters, following on from my spy notebooks, perhaps.  Carina sent me something which inspired me in one direction and the TAM stamps fit right in too! 

I nearly forgot to point out the ENVELOPE Ruud made me with his magic pen. Look carefully at scan 2 and you will see I have a haptic letter!  Thanks so much, Ruud! Now do I send on a scan of the  Robin Crozier piece?  I am so dumb in these matters! And of course I'll slip delu fox into tomorrow's conversation.

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