Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gathering 19 from the Queen of Ephemera - Claire Dinsmore (AKA) Cleo

An envelope from Cleo is something to savour.  Before you even slide the letter opener under the opening, there is the colour to celebrate, an aesthetic triumph every time. I'm never sure if Claire makes each element of her mailings herself or whether she finds some things and makes others. I know she collects washi tape but does she make her own too?  If she doesn't she should invent a way to do that.  People would buy it.
We don't have wax paper in the UK, but of course, as an American I know about it.  Claire uses its earthy semi-transparence with flair. As a lover of the play between seeing through and hiding, the wrapped contents of the envelope was a perfect beginning to this gift.  Claire's mailings feel like gifts. 
So I scanned and scanned to give you sense of the treats I received and how each one is thoroughly considered, stands on its own but interactes with other components. In the end I am sure that you will agree that Claire is the queen of ephemera, but only in the most positive way....  I like this definition: 
'collectable items that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity' - obviously whether expected or not, Claire's mail art has lasting impact and popularity!

Gathering 19 - for Rebecca Nov 02 2014

Washi Tape Samples

Washi Tape Samples

Claire (AKA Cleo) also wrote me a note thanking me for something I had sent some time ago and apologising - APOLOGISING.  No need, Claire.  I am delighted and inspired.  Thank's for thinking of me and including me in you gatherings mailing!

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