Sunday, March 9, 2014

Celebrating the banana 2014

So many thing passed me by before I joined IUOMA and got involved with organised mail art.  I see swaps as organised mail art - who knew there was a banana day and that so many people thought it important enough to celebrate…

This year Jen reminded the group that it was time to swap and I was one of the first putting my hand up to take part. It just feels good to hone in on the banana and for someone like me, intrinsically serious and prone to over - intellectualisation, it's probably even a bit important for me.

I think I sent to more people than I've received from, but making more than ten of anything takes time and I'm sure the banana day is a moveable fruit salad, or something, so if any others trickle in I will post them here. 

What I notice as I look at my banana booty is how varied what I got is! Each one is  treasure in its own rite and I am delighted to share them with you. 

In no particular order…

Banana Boat by Jen Phillips(Stimpdawg):
Biologique banana collage by Adrienne Mason:

Tape transfer chimp by Alicia Starr:
Banana book reply from David Stafford:

 Banana acceptance speech by Dean Marks:

 Banana joke, stamps and collage by Katerina:

 Banana  tesselation by Lynn Radford:

 Banana statue annotation by Mathom House:
 and my banana book (photo courtesy of Katerina):


  1. I'm really pleased that Stimpdawg is arranging swaps. I have known her for many years

  2. Thanks for posting my art, Rebecca. Did you notice that it was mailed from Ex Postal Facto, the gathering of mail artists that happened in San Francisco last month? I tried to get it together to send a few from the special post office they'd set up. Cheers!

  3. Yes Andy, Brilliant that Jen took the reigns! she sent everyone their own bespoke and different banana mail art. Actually quite a few people sent each person something different which flet like a huge range of work!

    Adrienne, I didn't put two and two together! But that makes the peice all that more special. Thank you!