Monday, March 31, 2014

Beyond Repair - Artist in Seine

The thing about Dean is he changes the way you see things.  You get this thing in the post - or you don't get it for a few days… (this is an aside: I got one of those letters, like Mail art Martha did recently, beckoning me to my local post office or encouraging me to affix a few addtional stamps to the back of a you are naughty form.  In an effort to do my part in combatting global warming, I decided to afix the stamps, but actually posted the letter at the post office, not the royal mail sorting office which was closed.  The next day I got the letter with the affixed stamps - uncanceled - and after a chat with the man on the number you can call for more info learned that the PO had goofed and I could write a note on the form or go back to the sorting office , which was closed.  The next day when I collected it, I was relieved to find that the mystery mail was from Dean… worth the effort!) 

So I took electricity and magnetism in 7th grade and built an answering machine.  I soldered things and everything, and it worked.  Unfortunately I was unable to apply the answering KIT mentality after that so this is my first careful look at a circuit board. It is VISPO! snooze, snooze, snooze 20, 880 428 CODE and then some abbreviations -  ressisters and capacitors? I pick up a tiny Nolia with just a keypad that I find in a drawer in the kitchen an wonder what it looks like inside.  Dean had altered my brain.

Other things I learned are: Dean is mr fixit.  The post office thinks about where to afix their gaudy yellow revenue protection stamps - I'm guessing the heroine is topless?Operation Condor has moved to the 'action' tray.  I also like dean's whimsical use of paint!

Many thanks!

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