Saturday, March 8, 2014

Arty Artists Slides

It's Arty slide time again and (drum roll), this mailing is my favourite so far.  THANK YOU ANGIE for oganising it! The 'rules' for this swap was favourite artist arty slides.  There were seven of us participating and each mail artist selected an artist to respond to.  We did a similar thing with Cheryl Penn and De Villo Sloan, making pages for an artist book, and I know Angie loved that project, so brilliant to bring the concept to arty slides!

It was fun to see who each person chose.  And let me tellyou, even though slides are tiny, they take longer than you think to make, package and send out and this mailing felt very thoughtful. thank you to all who sent to me! I haven't received from one of the group yet, but it's probably waiting in my mailbox today!

Loosely in order of arrival I present:
Amy Morton (Magritte)

Angie Cope (Cezanne):

Judy and Joey (Klee):

Robin Moore (Andy Warhol):

 Stripygoose (Bridget Riley):

From Amy Irwin (Nigel Tomm), a fantastic array of slides, ATC and stamps!

and I sent these (Albers):

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