Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dan Moeur's fine art!

Delighted to receive this package from Dan! Look at the detail and read the fine print.  Dan tells me that the paper is more than 200 years old and that's why it tears so easily.  He has used a plaster (bandaid) to suture it together. I read the words and chuckle.  I have the sense that Dan has not arbitrarily chosen the page, the words.  It even has the word BURLESQUE. All of that, some smily faces and a DKULT VA stamp.  But that is only the beginning!

 I can't tell if these are actually prints or digital prints, but suspect the later.  The caress has a plate indentation but looks like a silkscreen…  I don't know enough about Miley to know exactly why these are her friends, but the charcters make me smile anyway.

I wondered if these were for my monochrome, semitone, Kodachrome call, but Dan tells me he hadn't inteded that.  I thought that Perhaps if I posted the work here he'd send me something for the other.  Either way I suspect I won't be able to resist hanging Miley and her friends, the envelope and the caress at the show in June, though.  Thank you Dan.


  1. Glad you are pleased, Rebecca. My work is never either ______ or digital. Always both and.... The Caress is a hand-pulled lithograph print made using a photo-polymer litho plate and traditional litho press. However, the original image is a drawing I made using drawing software on my iPad.

    Miey and her friends (four notoriously piggy self-obsessed men) are digital pix snatched from the 'Net, but the background colors are all scanned from my original drawings made with artist-quality water-soluble wax crayons.

    The paper is from a ca. 1780s book on Hogart's prints.

    And yes, I am now entirely incentivised to make up a new entry for Mono- Semi- Koda-.

  2. Oops...I should have added about Miley and friends, that once in digital form I printed the composite on a specially treated transfer film. The final print--yes, it IS a print--is made by rubbing the ink into moistened printmaker's art paper over a period of about 20 minutes until the pigments are fully absorbed by the paper.

  3. Wow Dan! I saw a call for proposals about process/rule driven/influenced work just the other day. When I have a moment I will send you the details.