Sunday, March 16, 2014

Eyelash Inconsistencies - Marie Wintzer

One of the things about Marie's poetry and imagery that speaks to me is the way she mixes the intimate with the foreign, the uncomfortable with the familiar.  The cover features a dusky alley; there are chairs where people sat, will sit.  Light filters down making things sort of visible. The title 'Eyelash Inconsistencies' is full of vowels, sharp 'c's and 's'es.  I think of eyelash kisses, deformity, tears, age -  I notice that my eyelashes point down when I am tired.  How did that happen?

Yesterday, as the sun was setting, Patrick found me in the shed, with Marie's book. 'What are you doing?' he asks.  For some reason I feel the need to balance Marie's book in various places to juxtapose the pristime pages with something convoluted and a bit seedy.  I hope this isn't self-indulgent and that you can read all the words! The poem is smashing!


  1. OMG Rebecca you took a picture of every page! :-o
    And of course you wrote a FANtastic blog to go with, lucky lucky me. I have found that many things happen between eyelashes, and you translated it so beautifully in your writing. Thank you so much for this blog Rebecca.

  2. Marie, lots of nice feedback on IUOMA and facebook too! The book is a treasure and I really love both poems - the visual one and the words. Cerulean, thanks for leaving a message and visiting!

  3. Great! Very happy you liked it. Haha I love the last photo too :-))