Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Diane Keys does with her Days

 Diane told me once that her goal is to have nothing.  She is not a hoarder.  Nevertheless I am always surprised when Diane sends me back my stuff in some way I hadn't imagined it.  Finger painting, it's under-rated, and clearly Diane's Day must begin with a bit of abstract art.
 I'm not sure what has been remixed here.  I know that the pages did not arrive in date order but I attempted to re-order them.  GREAT trash quilt of art technique activities.  I know, Diane revolves around her workstations exploring text, colour, line and trash (with Matt) as the trash clock marks time.

 And then there are the doodles! You will see that the frst set makes a doodle encyclopedia called Doodle Sky. Diane clearly has supreme faith in my abilities to take all shapes and sizes to make a boekie.  She likes to test me. Never fear, everything fits.  These full page doodles by Jason Motsch  have been KEYED.  Next they go into my doodle holding tank where they will be added to again and then refashioned once the weeding is done.

 The final item in this brie baguette of a mail art envelope is a gorgeous folded scan of a trash boekie!
 Love, love, love. DVS I trust you will translate for us all. Maybe we'll learn what else Diane does with her days.


  1. thanks for blogging it all!! i literally just sent you something and am not bamkuzzleated if this could have possibly arrived that fast or if i am now bombardamating you with MORE stuff, MORE doodles and I think the answer is YES!! and yes, i think you are a doodle wizard and are capable of making my shitty stick figures into works of Rebecca Wonder!!

  2. Thanks for blogging these! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have on your very cool blog. Peace!