Thursday, August 6, 2015

Doodling in colour: a new kind of doodle therapy from Meeah Williams

Receiving Meeah's envelope was a doodle therapists dream! Meeah's characters appear, converse and asks questions that help us to see what this therapy is all about. It is absolutely brilliant and will definitely shame me into visiting IUOMA to post it on the envelope page. (Shame, because I have let myself slack off a bit with double and triple posting of images…) The colour is intense, vibrant and perfect!

Zoom in, look closely.  Meeah is not just a doodler, an asemic artist, a bird lover, she is also a writer and her words are carefully chosen, or perhaps they are inately brilliant. 

I love the bilingual element in Meeah's work. It makes me miss NY.  There is that cacophony of everything sitting alongside each otherjust being that I miss here.

Again, zoom in.  Meeah is writing to me but in a wonderful non-linear way. weave along with Meeah to see what she thinks about doodling!

These classic pieces have no arrows. I turned them round and round trying to read them and it wasn't until they were up on the screen that it was obvious that I had got it wrong and they should be some other direction, obviously! I love the marks, the tempo the way space shifts to say such different things. 

And finally, she doodled back.  I have a backlog of doodles to 'treat' but it's gonna be fun and some of you will get them before too long! Thank you. thank you Meeah! I am ecstatic that you played along with DKult doodle therapy.  

Meeah has a great blog:

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  1. What a duper fun she has in doodle therapy. As she says, "Hope it is better than shock therapy" Yes!