Thursday, August 13, 2015

For the love of Avocados! Hudson Guyver

I have to tell you a little story about a house with running water, electricity and an avocado tree that sat just above the malarial line up a dusty track from the Kerio Valley in Kenya.  Although I had eaten avocados before, it was here that I was introduced to avocados on buttered toast with pepper and a squirt of lemon.  Where I lived, down the valley, I had a jiko and gathered water from my roof and only ate sukuma wiki and ugali, so those avocados were a pleasure I can vividly remember. Back then I made mail art, nightly, by lantern light and once the guy with the avocado tree left, I sent them all to him.

Roll on almost 25 years and our son is in Africa,  Malawi.  He's not interviewing farmers or teaching agriculture but at a hospital in Mzuzu learning about the tropical diseases we tried to avoid and at night when there isn't a fabulous band playing and he's finished cooking his sukuma wiki, it turns out he does what I did, he makes mail art and sent one to us! FABULOUS.

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