Monday, August 10, 2015

Genus genius doodles from Lucky Pierre

I am slow at blogging these days.  It seems to be the way it is for the moment. This wonderful piece arrived while I was in America and I am only getting to it now. SHAME. I have seven more wonderful things and some pieces that I'm meant to add to and return. I will. I will. But today (and in fact lots of time lately) has been about wildlife.  We hatched nine chicks at the 'chicken ranch' earlier in in the summer and today we built a fort knox of a chicken run to move the hens and their progeny from their makeshift accommodation. Last night we were owl spotting.  We have a pair who have taken up residence in Hudson's owl box and hatched three owlets.

That takes us seemlessly to Lucky Pierre's doodles.

Brilliant and can't wait to fashion them into a doodle book, one day soon. and that is a glorious envelope with wonderful artistamps!

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