Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wendy on How to watch Television: a Primer

On first glance I think this is from David Stafford.  I haven't replied to his last mail art and no, the postmark is Tacoma Finland no, Tacoma MD. It is an American stamp.  I make out HELLO IT'S ME WENDY underneath the white writing explaining how the mail art was dreamt up, that it is from a book of some sort.

Who is Wendy? Is she someone I know from IUOMA or is she the woman who visited me in my studio and fell in love with mail art.  Did I meet her on Cranberry Island? Why didn't she put her address on the postcard/  How will I find out, how will I reply?

I check the Island Mail Art blog to see if if someone named Wendy joined.  Every so often someone sends me some errant mail art from a call that has expired.  Maybe Wendy fell in the mail art time warp?

It doesn't matter, what matters is the aesthetic of this piece.  The writing is beautiful, little islands of words.  The words are pleasing to the ear.  I am interested in these inhabitants and who decided they needed to know about hair follicles of booby chicks?The colours, robins eg blue, cardboard brown, black and white and the rainbow of a stamp feel just right.

Thank you Wendy and hopefully I will solve the mystery soon and reply in due course.

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  1. I am Wendy, IUOMA person: WARodgers.... I'm so glad this piece made it to you! I typically sign my work, WAR.