Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ruins of some concrete arrows are still visible, Tofu - Scott St John

I love the idea of a series of lighted beacons guiding mail across the West. Sometimes I think I ought to have lived in another century,.  Nowadays you have to plead for stamps at the post office (instead of those big gold stickers).  When I was younger and spent summers on Cranberry Island, my whole day revolved around THE MAIL BOAT.  I never missed a delivery.  I knew the most wanted list by heart and was familiar with all the postal sounds that emmanated from behind the postal window. Mail was magic, and still is.

Tofu's card evokes that mystery.  Thank you!


  1. What an interesting piece of US Air Mail history--thanks to you and Tofu for sharing it.

  2. And thank you for commenting, Carmela! Hope to mail you something soon!