Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doodle overdose from Diane Keys

Doodle stamp magnet conversion

I scanned 26 pages of doodles and stuff from Diane and then when I went to find a particular doodle I realised I hadn't scanned it! I need to find it and do that, so I decided not to deluge my readers with the cacophony of doodles and to randomly choose a few things to give you the flavour of my bursting envelope.  These are a melange of mine, Diane's and someone else, at least one someone else, a prescription of doodles.  They are all wonderfully outrageous and I will spread them around my work surface (avoiding the sticky candy that stuck to my scanner) and see what happens.  Fun fun.

1 comment:

  1. i really lost track and when I mentioned two doodle portraits I did of my kids, I later realized I hadn't included them in the envelope!! so my kids do NOT look like coffee stains or scribbles I promise. i think the other doodles are from Dan but I really just kept them all in a pile to doodle when I had time. well, we are all one big happy married couples, so we will figure it out soon enough!!!!