Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meet Thumb Girl and Stick Man - David Stafford

So I have to make a confession.  I was one of those teens and young adults who didn't go to the flicks very often.  I was making mail art, practicing my drop glides, reading stuff and dancing, not ballet. Nowadays we live in the sticks and I go to our living room and we watch an episode most nights of some box set.  I can't tell you the names of most of the actors, though.  Ok I know John Ham but not many others….

Before beginning this blog, I took the enclosed from David Stafford to Patrick to see if the faces meant something to him.  He shrugged and he watched and watches much more than I do.  So if you all know who these icons are, we will rename the blog.  Many thanks David.  I love the shapes of stickman and thumb girl!

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  1. Rebecca,
    The matchstick guy is a model from a 1957 Wards Catalog. The train guy is British actor Stephen Murray whose picture I took off the tv when we watched him in "The Four Sided Triangle," a strange British sci fi film from 1953 with doomed American actress Barbara Payton. She's got quite a backstory.