Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hull of an expression, E Elkan

 E Elkan sent me some wonderful expressive mail art from Hull a few days ago! Hull will be the cultural capital of England in 2017! I have never been there but I have heard a few jokes about it and read some other things that make it sound divine, so, I was excited when I discovered this card from Hull in my postbox.

If you look carefully at the mouth of the top piece you will realise that it is exactly the same as the mouth of the 2nd image… that's because it's a cut out mouth and you are looking through to the cut up face inside.  Thr eyes have an eerie Meeah Williams feel.  E Elkan uses ink in a haptic way too! In fact the head/skull is very sculptural in feel.

Equally pleasing are E Elkan's doodly stickers. NOTE: Diane Keys, do we have another doodle therapy convert? Just in case, I'm sending a new bookie hot off the press (that has only gone out to Carina, so far) as a big thank you for this enthusiastically received mailing!


  1. Hi, Thanks for the indepth blogging. Sorry for nit picking but it's Elkan rather than Elkin. People often seem to mix up the two for some unknown reason! :)

  2. Huge apologies to E Elkan for my rushed spelling of name! I have corrected them but I know that memory of what I typed originally echoes on in the internet forever after…. Where was DVS' spell chick?