Monday, April 20, 2015

Carina's super international mail art doodles

Notice the DKULT totem heads and the doodle therapy stamp! I love Carina's seemless use of the doodle and the image envelope.  I mean, really, we need to encourage more doodling!  Real things look like doodles to me these days. Figgy and I use doodle as every part of speech. We 'doodled' dinner could mean lots of different things, depeding on your setting, the quality of the meal or what supplies you have at hand! 

I think I may have put undue pressure on Carina to doodle with me but I am shamelessly pleased that I did and she did! I will be doodling this back to her.  I'm not sure about three way dooodles, though.  Except, I think I may be in one with Diane.

Above are three of the six sides I sent Carina. I adore what she did to the doodles! There was other stuff in this WONDERFUL envelope surprise package. I mustn't share it ...but you are missing something special!

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