Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bizarre Cities TOM Special April 2015 Farewell Guido, compiled by Bernd Reichert

A few months ago, after we learned that Guido Vermeulen, our friend and mail art correspondent had died, Bernd Reichert offered to gather all of our tributes to Guido in a special Bizarre cities edition.  Although I had only known Guido for  three or so years, we had exchanged lots of mail art and ideas.  He sent me poetry, envelopes, Friour magazines, letters, dreams. I was very sad to learn that he I would never visit him in Belgium, never meet him in person.

Guido was a very generous and passionate man. Perhaps that is the lasting impression from The Farewell Guido zine. I found it poignant and felt a sense of loss as I read it. I felt in touch with Guido  when I was making my pages and again when reading.

and the poem at the end…

Participants were:

Mim Glub Scalin
David Stone
Josephine Reichert
Judy Skolnik
David Dellafiora
Katerina Nikoltsou
Cheryl Penn
Tiziana Baracchi
Rebecca Guyver
Jjalltheway (Jennifer Jones)
Alicia Starr
Meral Agar
Eric Basso
Carl Baker
Nancy Bell Scott
Gina Ulgen
Paul and Mirielle Verhulst
Bernd Reichert

If you want to download the zine you can do it here:

I got #9.  The pages I made were vintage magazine pages that I altered, adding fused plastic to make stained glass windows.  It took a long time and I thought about Guido throughout. I loved the way Bernd put my page next to an image of Guidos stained glass envelope.

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