Thursday, May 30, 2013

Junque and actual art from DK

As far as I can remember, this is my first DK envelope full of goodies to arrive. The first thing I notice is that I might be able to find some titles for my fused plastic in Diane's mailing... ' match only found in fairytales'.  None of my plastic looks like that, but I could make a bespoke piece to match the name. Great titles to be found in this envelope. The photo of Gail Borden makes me smile.
It easy to see the art through the 'junque' Diane.  I like the spelling of 'junque', it elevates the recycling to something exotic.  I need to think about that for DK Suffolk, branding is everything!

Great to have a fragment of Dustin's envelope.  I need to send him something.  That felt book is pretty fantastic. I love the way Diane has cut the chiclets wrapper, if she did, 'ppermint' is a fabulous word and I let the VISPO wash over me! Appreciate the pastel green alliteration and emergent dyslexic writing.  I recognise it.  My son still writes that way. That pink list is a colour study in itself.

Congratulations to Riley and Brieanna for their  enlightened posters! Definately art!

Credit card slip, possibly an early antique.

About the add and pass, I am all over it!  I've been waiting.

Easter paper dyeing - not quite tie-dye but definately art. Still waiting for DK's paper tie-dye!

And the returned laminated trashpo - I am visually excited.  i love the sounds 'ashioned, ashion s where' I believe it may be an early trash square, or rectangle, the foundations of the trash quilt, for sure!

Thank you Diane.

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  1. Great blog!!! Glad it all arrived and you have done such a wonderful job of describing it all. Have a good weekend DKultSuffolk is the top DKult branch to watch!!