Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a memory update

Carmela Rizzuto (US)
Viviana Cernjul (Argentina)

Diane Keys (US)

Erni Ilis (Brasil)

Heloisa Sonaglio (Brasil)

Pál Csaba (HUngary)

Ryosuke Cohen (Japan)


Claudette Picance  Soares (Brasil)

Lavinia Thys

Maria Da Glória Jesus De Oliveira (Brasil)

Elisabeth Karam (Brasil)

Consuelo Margarida Rubio Debiagi (Brasil)

Am trying to avoid blogging exhaustion, but thought I would post recent memories, mostly from Brasil. I think the pieces from Brasil are from a mail art collective, Selus.  At the next pop up exhibition I'll have a table for people to dip their toe in the world of mail art.  If you want to send work in for the upcoming Suffolk exhibition at Old Barn you still have about six weeks! Please label your work with 'memories' so I know. Keep up with incoming mail art form the memories project at:

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  1. While supplies last :-) I like!
    I hope we are never going to run out of memory supplies. It doesn't look like we are.