Monday, May 20, 2013

Living Fantasies: The Party's Never Over - a boekie just for Rebecca of Cranberry Island (Carina Granlund)

Carina's timing is unbelievable!  OK, so anyone would appreciate a travel envelope from Carina, at any time, but only someone who has traveled recently on just about every kind of transportation - well not a pencil or a caterpillar , Carina where do you think those things up?  But really, there isn't anyone who would more of a kick than I got out of Carina's silly, striking envelope! 

Inside the envelope, Carina had packaged the remarkable LIVING FANTASIES inside more paper.  Notice the blackened tooth and the repair work Carina envisages I return to. 

Inspite of the drudgery Carina anticipates, her upturned motor boat makes the optimist in me smile, 'Give future me a hug.'

Clearly Carina is an optimist!  I know she's got an upcoming show to prepare for, but somehow she finds time to make me a boekie to share with my students.  I presume the only thing better than having Carina work with students is to have one of her books to share with them! Go and visit her blog to see what I mean!
The teachers I'm working with are young newly employed teachers and the school is apparently quite target driven, so I hope I can flick through these pages and not get taken to the front desk to show my CRB (the form that verifies that you are OK to work with children)...
Oh Carina, thank the man with the dumb bells! The poetry in the margins is fun to try to say, too.  I'll bet the fellow with the hat has a very unusual accent.

Something x-rated that has been concealed... (thank you)

 more of my kind of humour, 

and a question... I always get the kids to put some questions in their books! This is a real teaching aid.

See they're already reading and getting gold stars to show their dads.

Thank you Carina for making the R portrait so attractive.  The last time I went into a school the children were obsessed with asking me how old I was (I hadn't slept much the night before), maybe this will trick them into seeing me in a new light! 
 and how did you know we have that same houseboat/shed on Cranberry Island?
Luckily it only has a climbing hydrangea on the roof!

 This is a wonderful unfolding piece that goes in surprising directions.  Guy in the funky sweater likes me too.

 But this is the page that made me laught the hardest...

And yes, the car did break down and it rained and rained. 

Carina's book has a great sandpapery texture.  I wonder if it's clear gesso, one of my favourite finishes. But wait, the spiders are coming, or are they fish hooks?  Whatever they are, they complete a magical, hilarious book that was made just for me! 

Lyra and I are delighted and the students will be too!  Thank you all the way from Elberon New Jersey?


  1. So.. you mean.. this is a boekie? :-))) Ah, it's too good, too good, fab fab fab. I can't imagine a world without Carina.

  2. Wonderful blog Rebecca, and far too much work! You make the book so alive with all the funny references to your life, and silly details suddenly get a meaning, much appreciated. I loved seeing the shed on CI, wow, just as if I had been there and Lyra girl looks so noble. Rebecca good luck with the students and thank you!!

    Marie, you are an inspiration, thank you so much!

  3. woweeweeweeeee! Man, that's not a boekie, it's an epic!! I wish Carina had a library so we could borrow these, peruse them, touch them, and hmm, reluctantly give them back. (unless they got lost in the studio mess!?)I'd pay the fine!!!