Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vizma finds lost mail and it's for me!

Vizma's envelope is not only attractive, it is also instructive.  Did you know that rats help their blind mates? 

I sent visma a bit of plastic and a stamp motif postcard.  In superb DKULT style, Vizma photocopied and shared these with me, and possibly others. I am honoured! Viz also added a carefully chosen initial to the stamps,  'G' for Guyver, G for 'go' ...

On the inside of the envelope I found the question, 'who's afraid of spiders?'  I put my hand up.  I am very afraid of spiders. I can co-exist with them,  I can ignore the spider in the outdoor shower.  But I am afraid of them! Figgy got a spider bite a few years ago and a welt grew and oozed and eventually we took her to the emergency room and they told it was a brown recluse bite.  She took her antibiotics carefully.  Spiders... EEK.

 I love the lines, 
'is becom-a disaster both 
The whole thing reminds me of Madmen.

I am delighted about my trash-politzer!  
Thank you Viz!


  1. The chop chop poem, wow. And the back of that card, the last picture with the cut out part. She's the VizWizz.

  2. Love it all! Love that. The VizzWizz.