Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guido Vermeulen's Friour Editions 2013: Moon Faces 4

Delighted to receive Guido's moon faces, images that I have been delighting from as they have appeared at IUOMA. 
Guido's hand-painted envelope: Facing my own tears in the Mirror X24!
 Love the stamp which looks like a Vermeulen collage. And the way the three greens, the butterfly, and the two larger paint daubs  (and the splatters) exist in perfect harmony.  The following are the images that leapt out at me this time.  There are 48 all together!  Thank you Guido.
About the ambush they call love

Admiring the cosmic spagetti, PDM to Zois and Lynn on April 29, 2013

About the tragic loss of some stones in some luggage

The dark ocean

Looking the sea horse into its mouth, before it changes sex...

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  1. They are great! I like their titles a lot too, so poetic...