Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The quilting D-Kult

Diane of Trashpo fame has been making trash quilts and I have been following this new direction avidly on her blog: 
There is something about Diane's trash quilts that turned on a lightbulb for me and I have been obsessed with my own version ever since!  So, you can imagine how delighted I was to receive an original trash quilt from Diane. I love the palette of this beautiful piece. 
 I think Diane and I can probably agree that once you start seeing things you find them everywhere.  With Diane and her envelope full of goodies I am seeing quilts.

 Of course Diane is a trashpoet first and foremost and 'Ragu Pasta Sauce' is a striking example of her flair. 

Not everyone sees a bit of trash, is inspired, picks it up, stashes it for the right moment and uses it in such an effective way! Diane, everything about this is right on my wavelength.

For the cat lovers among you, you might be interested to know that Diane's 'cat count is up to six'! their names have a trashpo feel: mystery and pop tart.
Thank you Diane.  I am just off to reclaim some plastic and fuse a little something for you.

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  1. lol what an excellent blog !! I'm flattered and appreciate that you posted all that I sent you. Isn't weird how certain patterns just kind of entrance you at different times in your life? I've been finding so much good trash lately that I haven't quite gotten a handle on what to do with it. Mystery and Pop Tart are playing at the moment. There is actually nothing at all mysterious about mysty--she should have been named Pop Tart and Pop Tart IS very mysterious. My kids got to name them, as I have named most of our other pets. We also name ALL of our plants:)