Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dave the Rave sends minimalist mail art from Paris

It took a while to determine who sent this 'dabble' into minimalist mail art.  But eventually we concluded that this is the work of none other than Dave-the-Rave... We know he has been to Paris.  

 We are delighted to have received what we imagine is Dave-the-Rave's first piece of mail art - a brilliant opening gambit!  While never attempting to guide anyone in mailart whatsoever, in this instance I have taken the liberty of offering some suggestions towards making the activity an even more exciting, wholistic and compulsive practice. (see below). 
Thanks DTR.  If you want a mail art kit to take with you in the future, just say. And why not send something in for Memories are made of this.  There will be a new pop-up show in Suffolk in June!

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